Top 10 insurance companies

 hi welcome to our blog today we will talk about top insurance companies in usa insurance companies are key factors of the american economy hedging risks and covering the costs of accidents present throughout the country and abroad u.s insurance companies are involved in life and health insurance property and casualty insurance business and commercial insurance and reinsurance

 the top american insurance companies are important parts of the financial sector and they play a major role in the economy through the management of risks however they are engaged in fierce

 competition against each other for market share in the us and abroad and face competition from foreign insurers looking to expand their foothold in their domestic market other financial companies such as banks and financial services companies also challenge them in their insurance and risk management activities and financial markets though they face stiff competition to provide insurance and risk mitigation products and services to individuals businesses and institutions the most important threat for insurers comes from the disruption of their traditional business by insurance tech startups

 these new intra-tech companies create new ways for people and companies to hedge manage and anticipate risks and exposure to various hazards which can impede the activities of traditional insurance companies and some of them among the largest u.s startups have already grown to become unicorns startups with a valuation above 1 billion dollars nevertheless insurance companies are still a pillar of the u.s economy and they will remain in this position for the foreseeable future the u.s is such a great business arena for insurers to prosper that they can use their national foothold to expand abroad and conquer new markets whether

 they provide life and health insurance property and casualty insurance insurance brokering services or reinsurance insurance companies are in the us to stay and potentially also to conquer the rest of the world list of the top largest american insurance companies by market capitalization to give you more perspective on the actors of the american financial sector and insurance industry details about the 20 largest insurance companies headquartered in the us have been listed hereafter each company is detailed with presentations of its industry activities market capitalization a direct link to its website logo and stock symbol the insurance companies listed hereafter are ranked by market capitalization in united states dollars as of effective close on friday january 29 2021 they are defined as belonging to the industries of property and casualty insurance life and health insurance multi-line insurance insurance brokers and reinsurance for more information on the largest american companies download our s p 500 company's excel file containing the complete list of the 500 largest publicly listed companies in the u.s together with extensive business market financial and digital information on each company for even more data on the largest u.s companies download our excel files on the russell 1000 companies russell 2000 companies or russell 3000 companies 

Top 10 insurance companies

1. martian mclennan martian mclennan logo industry insurance brokers martian mclennan companies inc is a global professional services company operating in insurance brokerage risk management reinsurance services talent management investment advisory and management consulting tracing its origins to 1905 and headquartered in new york city martian mclennan operates in insurance through its subsidiaries marsh guy carpenter and jardine lloyd thompson and in consulting with mercer and oliver wyman group website market cap 55.7 billion dollars stock ticker mmc 

2. progressive progressive logo industry property and casualty insurance the progressive corporation more simply known as progressive is an insurance company especially involved in car insurance in america founded in 1937 and headquartered in mayfield village ohio progressive offers insurance for motorcycles boats rvs and commercial vehicles as well as home insurance it has expanded its offer of car insurance in australia website market cap 51 billion dollars stock ticker pgr

 3. metlife metlife logo industry life insurance metlife inc is among the largest global providers of insurance annuities and employee benefit programs through its subsidiary metropolitan life insurance company founded in 1968 metlife operates in home car and life insurance commercial mortgages and securities backed by commercial mortgages and sovereign debt it conducts business throughout the united states japan latin america asia pacific region europe website market cap 43.3 billion dollars stock ticker met travelers travelers logo industry property and casualty insurance the travelers companies inc better known as travelers is an insurance company headquartered in new york city particularly involved in commercial property casualty insurance one of the largest insurers in the u.s travelers operates in personal insurance business insurance and bonds it has expanded in the united kingdom ireland singapore china canada and brazil website market cap 34.4 billion dollars stock ticker trv

 5. allstate allstate logo industry property and casualty insurance the allstate corporation is an insurance company headquartered in northfield township illinois tracing its origins to 1931. all allstate corporation has grown to become the largest publicly traded property casualty insurance in the u.s offering individual auto and property insurance together with business and commercial insurance as well as an array of associated insurance products allstate operates 19 companies in the united states the united kingdom canada and india website market cap 32.6 billion dollars stock ticker all

 6. aflac aflac logo industry life insurance aflac inc is an insurance company especially involved in supplemental insurance founded in 1955 and headquartered in columbus georgia aflac provides insurance and payroll deduction insurance coverage for accidents or illnesses aflac operates with licensed sales associates in the united states and sales agencies in japan website market cap 31.7 billion dollars stock ticker afl 

7. prudential financial prudential financial logo industry life insurance prudential financial inc is engaged in insurance investment management and other financial products and services to individual and institutional customers through its subsidiaries it notably provides life insurance annuities mutual funds pension and retirement related investments administration and asset management securities brokerage services prudential operates in the united states asia europe and latin america website market cap 31 billion dollars stock ticker pro

 8. gallagher gallagher logo industry insurance brokers arthur j gallagher and co often abbreviated ajg as a global insurance brokerage and risk management services company founded in 1927 and headquartered in rolling meadows illinois aj has become one of the largest insurance brokers in the world operating in the americas europe asia and oceania through local insurance brokering subsidiaries website market cap 22.2 billion dollars 

9. hartford insurance hartford financial logo industry diversified insurance the hartford financial services group inc more simply known as the hartford is an investment and insurance company founded in 1910 and headquartered in hartford connecticut the company conducts property and casualty operations group benefits and mutual funds selling its products and services primarily through a network of agents and brokers it is also involved in auto and home insurance website the market cap 17.2 billion dollars stock ticker hick

 10. principal principal financial group logo industry diversified insurance the principal financial group is a financial investment management and insurance company headquartered in des moines iowa it operates across four lines of business retirement and income solutions principal global investors principal international and u.s insurance solutions website market cap 13.5 billion dollars stock ticker pfd this was top 10 insurance companies in the usa

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